Best Ninja Experience Ever!


Easy to play at home! Fun and Exciting Shuriken Battle!

NINJA TRAINER is a safe and exhilarating Shuriken board!

Hits are solid!

Shuriken sticks solidly on specially developed board surface (Patent pending)!
Reduced bounce-outs!

Extremely Soft Shuriken!

Specially Developed Soft and Safe-Shaped Shurikens
Safe Ninja Training at home!

Official Training Product of Japan Ninja Council

Supervised by
Jinichi Kawakami

Advisor, Japan Ninja Council
The 21st head of the Koga Ban family
Honorary director of the Iga-ryu Ninja Museum

Up until now, It has not been easy to acquire the art of wielding the shuriken due to issues such as safety concerns.
The NINJA TRAINER has done away with these concerns from this Japanese traditional Martial Art to make Shuriken Wielding more fun and accessible to everyone.This innovative board serves you well as a great first step to learn how to be a Ninja, as the board offers more safety and reduced bounce-outs.


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Throw a shuriken and hit the target. Each player throws 3 times per round.
To enhance accuracy, throw the shuriken with full spins!

Scoring tables(PDF)

Product Details

Accessories Board/Shuriken: 3 /Users Guide
Price Discretionary price
Note Official Product of Japan Ninja Council
Board (Target) ※Patent Pending
Weights and Dimensions Dimension: W277×H315×D30mm
Weight: Approx.1.15Kg
Package size: W293×H335×D48mm
Shipping Weight: Approx.1.24kg
Material Shuriken:ATBC-PVC
Board(Target): POM
Board(Surrouding): MDF(Fiber)
Age 15 or older

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